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Kittens now available: Nicco

Nicco: white and grey tabby

Name: Nicco

Born: April 18, 2020

Gender: female

Mother: Butterscotch; adopted by Beep Beep

Nicco is the last surviving kitten of the four Butterscotch had. On discovering Butterscotch seemed to be killing her own kittens, we put Nicco with Beep Beep and Butterscotch went back outdoors. Beep Beep immediately treated Nicco like one of her own, and the other kittens easily accepted their new sibling!

Features include: adorably raspy little voice that she will use to sing to you. Big alien eyes. Slightly standoffish personality compared to her siblings but when cuddling is desired it WILL be enforced by this tiny purring pastry.

Like all her siblings, Nicco is well-socialised, friendly, and gets along well with other cats!

Adult cats

Two Face is still available! Though she is spayed, she turned out to be a natural mother when introduced to her younger siblings, and couldn’t get enough of the kittens. A real sweetheart!

Features include: Natural barrel-shape with extremely dignified little legs (and socks!!). Squeaky, polite voice. Sick ear tat. Immediate desire to make friends and/or adopted children of other cats.

Susan is still available!

Gosh, she looks like her mom – right down to the expression! Don’t let that face trick you; she’s actually a real sweetheart!

Features Include: Lovely face and distinguished little nose. Giant eyes. Firm texture not unlike a particularly furry python. Picked up a habit from one of her weirder relatives of sitting on a shelf under the window and leaning on the sill with her arms crossed, gazing placidly out into the yard and looking at a glance like some kind of wistful gnome. Makes incredible chirping noises to communicate. Sick ear tat is harder to see.

Beep Beep, the best of Moms, is adapting to the indoor life.

This tiny lady has been a yard cat since at least 2015, and has probably been producing a litter a year her entire adult life. She was easy to socialize and litter train, and she is currently enjoying the warmth and comfort of indoor life with her babies. She has had some hard years, for sure, yet has a sweet and loving disposition.

Features include: compact size for easy transition to total orb-shape. Looks a bit like she should be an apron-wearing mouse in a children’s book. Enforces her boundaries with other cats (sniffing time over! personal space now!!) but gets along well with them. Loves a good, occasional cuddle.

Kittens now available: Saffron and Turmeric

Names: Turmeric (left) and Saffron (right) aka The Spice Girls

Born: April 19, 2020

Gender: female

Mother: Beep Beep

These spicy sisters are a lot of fun!

Saffron says, “please take me home!”

Turmeric features include: handsome, square little face. Strong desire to be held and/or squashed flat by other cats. Does a decent impression of a sock lying in the laundry.

Saffron features include: round eyes and white socks, colouring like a freshly-baked bun. Habit of considering things with her head turned fully sideways (and then touching those things)

Like all their siblings, Turmeric and Saffron are well-socialised, friendly, and get along well with other cats!

Kittens now available: Big Rig

Big Rig: muted calico

Name: Big Rig aka Biggus Riggus

Born: April 19, 2020

Gender: female

Mother: Beep Beep

This little lady is already bigger than her mother – not that it takes much! She also looks a lot like her mom. 🙂

Features include: TREMENDOUS purr. Loves to be held, especially if doing so means you have to drop whatever you’re doing and cuddle this fuzzy little monster. Easily stackable with other cats to form the perfect cat-heap. Champion of adorable sleeping positions.

Like all her siblings, Big Rig is well-socialised, friendly, and gets along well with other cats!

Kittens now available: Leyendecker

Leyendecker: tuxedo

Name: Leyendecker

Born: Arpil 19, 2020

Gender: male (neutered Sept. 13)

Mother: Beep Beep

This little guy is very playful, and very affectionate. He loves giving kisses. Especially nose kisses!

Features include: hilarious little horse-face with a crooked nose-marking. Soft, high-pitched voice he will use to sing an occasional song. (the song goes “WOOoooooOoooooOOOoo-oo-ooo“) HEFTY boy. How big will he get?? Seems like he will become a strong man with strong arms for hugging, but in the meantime he has little hands that will grab your head so he can lick your nose.

Like all his siblings, Leyendecker is well-socialised, friendly, and gets along well with other cats!

New babies! Litter One, Litter Two

It took some doing, but we manged to set up a maternity ward in the basement, and convince two of our long-time yard cat mamas to come in, just in time for them to have their babies.

The photo above is of Butterscotch’s litter at 2 days old.

April 23 update: sadly, one of Butterscotch’s orange babies passed away during the night. A second orange baby also passed away, after struggling for several hours. The remaining two appear to be big, strong and healthy, so it looks like these two had not been doing well from birth. 😦

This next picture is of Beep Beep’s babies.

They are only one day old in this photo.

These kittens will all be available for adoption after June 1, 2020.

Still Available: Susan

This little girl has had her date with the vet, and has been indoors as we wait for her fur to grow back on her nekkid belly.

Which, oddly, is taking a very long time to grow back!

Susan loves attention, and especially loves to curl up on your chest while you try and type at your computer.

Ask me how I know that. Go ahead! 😀

If you would like to learn more about Susan, click here.

If you are interested in giving Susan a forever home, contact us here.

Still available: Two-Face

This pretty girl has just had a date with the vet. She has to stay indoors for a couple of weeks while she heals up, but is ready for her forever home. She loves to cuddle – especially at night! – and has loads of affection to give!

If you would like to learn more about her, go here.

If you would like to adopt Two-Face, you can contact us here.

Still Available: Potato Beetle

This regal boy is still looking for a new kingdom to reign over!

He is most curious about who his loyal subjects will be.

Okay, so maybe he’s not that regal…

But he is a silly sweetheart!

Learn more about the Potato Beetle here!

If you are interested in giving this handsome fellow a forever home, contact us here.