Kittens now available: Nicco

Nicco: white and grey tabby

Name: Nicco

Born: April 18, 2020

Gender: female

Mother: Butterscotch; adopted by Beep Beep

Nicco is the last surviving kitten of the four Butterscotch had. On discovering Butterscotch seemed to be killing her own kittens, we put Nicco with Beep Beep and Butterscotch went back outdoors. Beep Beep immediately treated Nicco like one of her own, and the other kittens easily accepted their new sibling!

Features include: adorably raspy little voice that she will use to sing to you. Big alien eyes. Slightly standoffish personality compared to her siblings but when cuddling is desired it WILL be enforced by this tiny purring pastry.

Like all her siblings, Nicco is well-socialised, friendly, and gets along well with other cats!

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