Adult cats

Two Face is still available! Though she is spayed, she turned out to be a natural mother when introduced to her younger siblings, and couldn’t get enough of the kittens. A real sweetheart!

Features include: Natural barrel-shape with extremely dignified little legs (and socks!!). Squeaky, polite voice. Sick ear tat. Immediate desire to make friends and/or adopted children of other cats.

Susan is still available!

Gosh, she looks like her mom – right down to the expression! Don’t let that face trick you; she’s actually a real sweetheart!

Features Include: Lovely face and distinguished little nose. Giant eyes. Firm texture not unlike a particularly furry python. Picked up a habit from one of her weirder relatives of sitting on a shelf under the window and leaning on the sill with her arms crossed, gazing placidly out into the yard and looking at a glance like some kind of wistful gnome. Makes incredible chirping noises to communicate. Sick ear tat is harder to see.

Beep Beep, the best of Moms, is adapting to the indoor life.

This tiny lady has been a yard cat since at least 2015, and has probably been producing a litter a year her entire adult life. She was easy to socialize and litter train, and she is currently enjoying the warmth and comfort of indoor life with her babies. She has had some hard years, for sure, yet has a sweet and loving disposition.

Features include: compact size for easy transition to total orb-shape. Looks a bit like she should be an apron-wearing mouse in a children’s book. Enforces her boundaries with other cats (sniffing time over! personal space now!!) but gets along well with them. Loves a good, occasional cuddle.

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