Kittens now available: Leyendecker

Leyendecker: tuxedo

Name: Leyendecker

Born: Arpil 19, 2020

Gender: male (neutered Sept. 13)

Mother: Beep Beep

This little guy is very playful, and very affectionate. He loves giving kisses. Especially nose kisses!

Features include: hilarious little horse-face with a crooked nose-marking. Soft, high-pitched voice he will use to sing an occasional song. (the song goes “WOOoooooOoooooOOOoo-oo-ooo“) HEFTY boy. How big will he get?? Seems like he will become a strong man with strong arms for hugging, but in the meantime he has little hands that will grab your head so he can lick your nose.

Like all his siblings, Leyendecker is well-socialised, friendly, and gets along well with other cats!

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