The Adoption List

These are the kittens and cats currently available. If you live in or around the Interlake area of Manitoba, and would like to adopt a fur baby, leave a comment and we’ll get in touch!

December, 2020 update

Soon to be available (socialization in progress):


September, 2020 update

Now available for adoption:

Big Rig
Saffron and Turmeric

2020 update

Litter one:

Born April 18, 2020
Four kittens born to Butterscotch. They will be available for adoption after June 1.

Update: sadly, on the morning of April 23, one of Butterscotch’s orange babies was found passed away. 😦 A second orange baby also passed, later in the day, despite our efforts to save him. The remaining two appear to be big, strong and healthy.

Updated, April 25: We had another unfortunate find, yesterday. Butterscotch’s last orange baby had passed. This time, however, it seemed pretty clear that this was no illness. It seems that Butterscotch had smothered her own baby. Her last kitten was moved to Beep Beep, who took him in immediately. When it seemed like Butterscotch might harm more kittens, we made the decision to send her back outside. We have been watching closely, and all of the kittens are looking great.

Beep Beep’s four kittens, plus Butterscotch’s last kitten, are now one big squirmy family!

Litter two:

Born April 19, 2020
Four kittens born to Beep Beep. They will be available for adoption after June 1

As the kittens get older, we will create individual bio posts for each of them. Watch this space for links to those, as we are able to create them.

2019 babies

Litter One
Born: about April 19, 2019

Creamsicle (disappeared. 😦 )
Doombaby (adopted!)
Potato Beetle
Zesty Nacho Blast (adopted!)

Litter Two
Born: May 7, 2019

Medium Cheddar (adopted!)
Mild Cheddar (adopted!)
Susan (has now been spayed)
Two-Face (has now been spayed)

Litter Three
Born: shortly before May 5, 2019

Keith (adopted!)
Junk Pile Kitten (semi-feral) (now a Mom!)

Litter Four
Born: late May or Early June, 2019

Pump Shack Kitten (semi-feral) (disappeared)